Please Mum In-Store Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 $2.99!

The folks at Please Mum have just emailed me with details of one of their in-store offers, which I think is worth a mention!

Everything in-store is "Buy 1 get 1 for $2.99!" It includes their rainwear & swimwear, so pretty much everything!

That sounds great! Obviously if you are buying any 2 items, it would be the cheapest one that is $2.99, and you'd pay full price for the other item.

The offer is only applicable to VIP customers - I already am a VIP customer as I am on the Please Mum mailing list.

If you are not yet a VIP customer, you can sign up in-store - it doesn't cost anything, and you only have to give them your email address to join.

Ends Monday 1st February 2010.

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