Please Mum Canada DoorCrasher Deals On Childrens Clothing!

Please Mum Canada is offering some online exclusive doorcrasher deals for certain items of kid’s clothing.

When you click through to the home page, just click the “clearance” link at the top of the page. You can select from $5 deals, $10 deals or if you’re feeling flush, $15 deals!

Here are a few items of kids clothing that caught my eye:

How cute is this little snake tee for a baby boy? Search for the “brushed interlock embellished tee” and you will see that it is only $2.99! It’s pictured to the above left. As for the baby girls, how about the little jersey tee. Search for the “printed jersey l/s tee” for only $3.98. It’s the second one down in my image to the left.

There are loads of bits and pieces for only $2.99 in the baby girl and boy clothing section, so definitely worth a hunt in there, if you plan on stocking up their summer clothing wardrobe.

Moving slightly up in the cost ranges, I’ll take a look in the “less than $10” section. If you have a young boy, how about this really cute stripey t-shirt? Search for the “long sleeve striped tee with screen at hem” and it is priced at $6.99. There are a few colors to choose from. I like the yellow and black stripes, pictured to the left (they call that color “husk/slate”).

For a little girl, how about this adorable blue tee? You can find it by searching for the “long sleeve swing fooler tee with print sleeves” and the price on it is $9.99. It is pictured bottom left.

Shipping is a flat rate of $5.95, so you probably want to order quite a few items to offset that cost. Unless you spend over $80, in which case, shipping would be totally free. Don’t forget, that you can save yourself a few more dollars by using Dealguild Canada, which gives 3.9% cashback on any Please Mum purchases.

UPDATE - may 21st 2009 - all orders over $100 also get a free $10 gift card, until May 24th 2009!

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