Please Mum Canada Boxing Day Sale


The Boxing Day sale is now on at Please Mum Canada, for all your kids clothing needs!

Shop: Girl | Boy | Baby Girl | Baby Boy | Newborn Girl |Newborn Boy

They are telling us that the entire store (excluding 2011 new arrivals) is 70% off!

How cute is this microfleece hat & mitt gift set for only $8.99! That's for a newborn girl. As for a newborn boy, I love this hello world velour tux sleeper for $11.99 - it's adorable.

There are loads of items in the girls' clothing sale. Tops and bottoms start at $5.99, with accessories from only $0.99. How about this cute cord fedora for only $5.99?

Same story for the boys clothing, absolutely loads of clothes to look through. There are a few good deals on PJ sets, such as this 2 piece glow in the dark pyjama for $11.10.

I've ordered some new items for my little girl, for the coming months. I am kind of tempted to order her lots of clothes for the coming year now, while they are all on offer. I could buy lots of sizes to make sure she will have various clothing for the different seasons. But I have already spent hundreds of dollars in the Boxing Week sales, I am not sure if my credit card can take much more abuse! Don't forget to check out the Boxing Day sales!


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