Playstation Network Canada: Spend $50, Get $10 Back - Just In Time For The PS4

19 October 2013


There is nothing like getting money for doing something you'd do anyway. That's exactly what you're getting with this awesome deal from Sony!

Every time you spend $50 on PSN, you get $10 in PSN credit. This is even valid on PS4 day one digital pre-orders!

This is a great deal if you already buy all your games on PSN. Just keep on doing what you're doing and you'll start building up some credit. In fact, if you've been buying for a while, you might already have credit as this deal has been going on for a bit previously.

I don't buy much on PSN and I don't really know why. I abhor physical media, but I buy all my console games on disc. I don't even buy computer games on disk, just console games. It's very odd. If you're like me and very rarely buy on PSN, this sale might be a great opportunity to start.

(Expiry: 29th October 2013)

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