Paw Patrol Plush Pup Pals From $8.90 @ Amazon Marketplace

Paw Patrol Plush From $9 @ Amazon

Collect the Paw Patrol Plush Pup Pals for your little one - at just a fraction of the original cost. These Plush Pup Pals from Amazon Canada's Marketplace start at $8.90 where other Canadian retailers sell the same toys for $14.99+. Shipping may vary from each seller, so beware of that.

So let's get the pup-party started. How can you buy just one?! I know my son would love to receive them all for Christmas, but maybe I will stash a few for his birthday in February as well.

The following Paw Patrol Plush Pup Pals are available at via the Marketplace:

Most of these are shipped and sold by third party Amazon Marketplace sellers, so shipping is different than Amazon's usual standards. Shipping time can take 17-28 business days from the time of being sent.

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