Nintendo Wii System (Refurb) only $49.99 & Free Shipping @ EB Games Canada! (EXPIRED)


If anyone out there doesn't yet have a Nintendo Wii and you're looking for something to entertain the kids, then consider buying this refurbished model from EB Games Canada. Coming in at only $49.99, the refurbished Nintendo Wii can be yours, with free shipping to your home!

Included in this bundle:

Refurbished Wii System, 1 Wii Remote Controller, 1 Wii Nunchuk Controller

It sounds like you don't get any games with the initial package, so keep that in mind when you place your order. You might want to throw something like Mario Kart or Shaun White Skateboarding in your cart too.

The Nintendo Wii page above doesn't state how long the warranty is on this refurbished item, but on this page, EB Games state that there is a 30 day limited warranty on refurbished hardware. Obviously that's not a very long time period, but it should be more than enough to get your console set up and make sure it's in working order.

Price Comparison?

I tried to check the price for other Nintendo Wiis online, but there are not many places selling refurbished models to accurately compare the pricing. If you were to buy a Wii, you'd be looking at around $100+ even for just a used model on or eBay. At least if you buy from EB Games, you've got that 30 day warranty in case anything happens.

Wii Modding?

This is something I've heard of but never tried to do myself. You can mod your Wii to play backup games, stored on an external device. This probably negates any kind of warranty you'd get with a Wii… but if you're only spending $50 on one, then it won't break the bank.

Wii Memories!

Can you believe that the Nintendo Wii was first released in 2006 – that's nine years ago! Until I started writing this article, I didn't realise that it had been around for quite as long as that. I think I got a Nintendo Wii back in or around 2008, after the initial hype had died down a bit. That very same device is now sitting in a box in my attic… loved no more! However, back in the day, I used it a lot. When friends came round for parties (before we had kids!), we'd crack out the Wii and have some Mario Kart fun, along with a few other party games. I also used the Wii to get fitter – using the balance board and some fitness games. It worked for a while… although in thinking about that right now, I should probably give it another try. :)

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