Nintendo Wii For Only $189.97 @ Toys R Us Canada

4 December 2009


Between the 4th and 10th of December 2009 only, Toys R Us Canada is offering the basic Nintendo Wii console at a discounted price. Instead of the retail price of $209.99, you can purchase the Wii for only $189.97.

Now, the only catch is that you must also purchase another Wii accessory; a Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Classic Controller or Wii MotionPlus accessory. As the standard Wii console only comes with 1 wiimote and nunchuck, chances are you are going to need a few more accessories anyway, so you might as well take advantage of the offer.

So if you’re WAY behind the times and don’t yet have a Nintendo Wii in your house, then I reckon it is time to flex the old credit card, and jump on the Wii wagon!

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  • putertato
    This deal is no longer available. I just tried. Best Buy has it on for 199 I believe though. Still a good deal.
  • joy
    Works just fine. Remember you have to buy an accessory too in order to get the deal. Toys r us has free shipping but not on video games. Many times they have better deals online than in store. Plus the bonus of NO LINES!!!!

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