NEW! Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Talk-to-Me Mikey @ Toys R Us Canada

TMNT Talk-to-Me Mikey

I've been waiting for this TMNT Talk-to-Me Mikey to come out, and he's finally here exclusively at Toys R Us. Mikey is selling for $39.99 and shipping is free.

Kids can chat with Michelangelo and with over 100 unique responses to 10 different questions they can ask him. They can pretty much have a full-on conversation and learn about Michelangelo's life as a ninja and maybe even secrets about Donnie and Raph. If you spin and shake him or set Mikey on his back he'll provide a response. He can also sing 3 different songs and breakdances, too!

It's a super cute interactive toy that kids who love TMNT from ages 4 and up will really enjoy. Batteries are included and you can read the instructions online which is cool to know in advance of Christmas Day.

After all, you will need whatever spare time you have struggling to get the new toys out of the boxes that they usually strap in tightly with wires and plastic ties.

Shipping is free.

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