Mother Of A Daily Deal: Snack Trap Sale

16 March 2011

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There's a Mother of a Daily Deal going on now at Mother of a Sale with awesome prices on Snack Traps! Snack Traps are great for preventing children's snack spills. Great for anyone with a baby or toddler who is tired of picking up Cheerios off the floor! This sale is on until 18 March 2011.

The Baby Snack Trap is only $2.40 (reg. $5.99). You can get it in blue giraffe, green dinosaur, and lavender flower. These cups are priced at $7.49 each right now at Toys R Us!  For a 2 packs, you'll pay $4.25 and they come in boy and girl designs as well. Save even more with a 3 pack for $6 (reg. $12.99). The Snack Cups feature a suction cup base and dual handles. The special lid has slits that automatically close after the child has reached in to grab their snack!

They are also featuring some cute Baby Chick Tableware for $9.99 (reg. $17.99). Comes with a bowl, plate and cutlery set. This would be a great Easter present!

Flat rate shipping of $10.

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  • Amy
    Love the price, but the flat-rate shipping negates any savings on this one. Too bad, because we love the snack trap we have, and would love to get another one or two....

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