Monsters U University Row Playset Was $32 | Now $16 @ Sears Outlet Canada

6 January 2015


Monsters Inc and Monsters U were very popular movies among youngsters. My nieces and nephews have countless Monsters Inc toys and clothing, they never seem to get tired of it. Right now Sears Outlet Canada online has the Imaginext Monsters U University Row Playset for just $15.94, and that is the best price around.

The Imaginext Monsters U University Row playset would have normally cost $32 from The outlet price $15.94 sounds much better, doesn't it? This play set is best intended for children from 3 to 8 years of age. I imagine this is because of the small parts. My two year old loses (or tries to eat) any toy that is small enough to fit through a toilet paper roll.

This Monsters U University Row playset will bring your child the fun and excitement of chasing Archie the scare pig through the university. This toy features character voices as well as Archie's hilarious sound effects. There are two figure disks as well. The disk on the bottom floor will spin the floor so that your little one can make the monsters chase Archie in circles. The other disk will activate a catapult that will throw poor Archie across the set, through a trap door and into his cage. Poor Archie. I also found the revolving door cool, this could make for some hilarious chasing scenes. The Mike figure is also included.

To make sure that this is the lowest price around, I did a little price comparison. The next best price on this Monsters U University Playset is $26.60 Amazon.caAmazon had this toy originally priced at a whopping $63. Only 5 are left in stock at, I guess they didn't know about the Sears price. Toys R Us also has this Imaginext Monsters University Set for $29.98 while their original price was $44.99. While other retailers do have this toy on sale, none of their prices come close to the Sears Outlet price of $15.94. Amazon and Toys R us, however, offer free shipping with this toy.

Unfortunately you won't be able to receive free shipping unless you spend $99 or more at Sears Outlet. I was hoping we would have a free shipping promo code in our forums, but we do not have one at this time. Ship your purchase to your home for as low as $7.95 or you could have the item shipped to your local Sears store for $3.95. Either way, this Sears Outlet price on the Monsters University Row toy will still be less than anywhere else.

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