Microsoft Canada: 12 Months Of xBox Live Gold Free When You Buy Office 365 Home Premium/University

20 July 2013

Microsoft knows you're gonna work hard with Office 365, so they're going to make it easy to play hard with a free xBox Live Gold subscription!

Microsoft Office 365 is a pretty neat new take on Office. Traditionally, Office costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Now, you pay a periodical subscription fee for the service.

The home premium version costs $99/year and the University edition is $79/four years. With the university version, you need to show a valid student, staff or faculty ID. In some cases even an alumni card has been known to work, but that's not guaranteed. This gives you a download of the full Office suite and access to any updates that come along during your subscription period. You also get a bunch of storage space to store your documents and access to them from wherever there's internet available.

When you get this, you also get a free subscription to xBox Live Gold, so you can use all of your xBox 360's online features from gaming to media consumption. Normally, a twelve month subscription to xBox Live Gold is $59.99, but you get it for free!

Being a digital download means there's no shipping costs, too.

xBoxOne or PS4? Let me know why in the comments below!

(Expires: Unknown)

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