Hot Wheels Star Wars Death Star Portable Play Case $10 @ Amazon

Star Wars Play Case $10 @ Amazon

Happy Star Wars day! Amazon is celebrating this holiday with a few Star Wars-related deals including this Hot Wheels Death Star Portable play case for 68% off its original price -- it's just $9.89.

This case lets kids store, display and play with a universe of Star Wars starships. Modeled after the Imperial space station, it has five compartments and room for as many as 10 starships. Kids can transport their ships between compartments using the pivoting arm that moves them along the track and send their character cars racing down one of 2 ramps.

If you're looking to complete the set with some Hot Wheels starships, check out this set or these Star Wars character cars. That way, you can also top up your order to $25 and receive free shipping..

What a fantastic gift for any little fan!

May the 4th be with you.

(Expires: 4th May 2016)

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