Mastermind Toys Canada: Free Calico Critters Family When You Buy The Cozy Cottage ($25 Value)

Mastermind Toys has a great deal if you have a Calico Critter loving critter in your home. Get a free Calico Critter family (worth $25) when you buy the Cozy Cottage ($59.95).

At Christmas, my youngest son got a Calico Critters set from Grandma. The other kids got their assorted toys, but instead of playing with what they got, all of my three sons and my four nieces and nephews sat and played with his Calico Critters set. True story. This is not a gender-specific toy as some may think. Little boys love playing pretend and the cute little animals that they call Calico Critters come in great little families, so your child can pretend to be a Daddy, Mommy or a cute little skunk.

The two-storey cottage is really cute, with a kitchen counter with sink and oven range, mini cookware, a bed with sheets, a table and chairs and more. One of my kid's favourite things to do is to put the critters to sleep on the bed and make and remake the bed.

Choose from a huge selection of families. Our favourite is the Hedgehog family (and be careful, it is the puppy's favourite too!), but the Kangaroo family is really cute too. What better Easter present for your little ones than the Cottontail Rabbit family?

You get free shipping on orders of $60 or more. I checked and the cottage qualifies for the free shipping so all you pay for is the cottage and get free shipping and a free family. Great deal!

(Expiry: 2nd April 2013)

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