Mastermind Toys Canada: Buy 2 Rainbow Loom Kits for Only $30

rainbow loom

If you are still looking for rainbow loom kits, Mastermind has a good deal on them. Normally they are $18.95 each, but if you buy two you'll get them for $30, saving yourself almost $8.

I did buy two rainbow loom kids from Mastermind and I did pay full price, so once again I'm considering going back to the store to get this deal. Hindsight is 20/20, but my lesson learned is never pay full price for anything!

If you really don't know about rainbow loom, you need to learn about this craze that's sweeping the kiddie world by storm. Basically rainbow loom kits consist of little rubber bands that you can wind and fiddle with to make bracelets. It isn't just little girls who love these kits, but the boys love them too, which is why both of my older boys are getting a set. It does say ages 8 and up, but the woman in the store said she has seen children as young as five handle these just fine. My son who is 6 is very artsy and loves doing quiet activities where he can keep his concentration on the task for hours, so this will be perfect for him. My oldest son just loves adornments and wearing watches, slapbands, rings and such, so he would probably love this to make himself and his friends some bracelets.

You still have time to order and get your items by Christmas, even with regular shipping (for Ontario only). Use express or priority to get it if you live elsewhere in Canada. If none of that matters, you'll get free regular shipping when you spend over $60.

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