Mastermind Toys Action Adventure Sale: Free Shipping & Free Gifts

Save up to $25 and get free gifts at Mastermind Toys from November 21st until November 27th.

Mastermind has some great deals on select action and adventure toys this week. My kids have been begging me for these Zipfy Luges, which are now $10 off for the regular sled (now $39.95) and $5 off the mini sled (now $24.95). I love these Olympic-inspired sleds for their ease of use, and they're light weight for carrying up all those hills. The artistic detailing is inspired or created by real artists, so they look great and kids think they are cool.

For all those snowy days you want the kids outside, get a free Sno-Ball Maker, Sno-Brick Maker or a free Sno-Crayon, all worth $5.95 each, when you buy Sno-Stompers Snowshoes ($21.95) or the Sno-Sculpture Kit ($21.95). The Sno-Stompers are so cool and will make your child forget they are on a winter hike (or just playing in the backyard). They make animal prints when they walk and I know it would keep my kids busy for hours. The Sno-Sculpture tool kit includes large molds so you can build sculptures over three-feet high! The kit includes the Sno-Brick Maker, Sno-Cylinder, Sno-Sculpting Tool and a Sno-Crayon.

If your child likes those little robot bugs called Hexbugs Mastermind Toys is offering a free Hexbug Nano case (a $10 value) with any Hexbug purchase over $30.

Shipping is free tonight until midnight when you spend over $60.

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