LOL Surprise Biggie Pets are Officially in Canada!

New LOL Surprise Biggie Pets

Get ready, because there's a new LOL Surprise toy in town! They're called LOL Surprise Biggie Pets, and they seem pretty similar to the LOL Big Surprise – but with a twist.

The LOL Surprise dolls were on a top-secret mission when their pets went missing. It's up to you to unbox your Eye Spy Series set to help uncover clues!

Meet the three LOL Surprise Biggie Pets:

You have to admit, they all look pretty cute, but MC Hammy definitely has the best name. Each set comes with a pet and 15 surprises, including spy glasses, a necklace and a collector's poster.

Chapters has them priced at $49.95. They're also at Toys R Us Canada (for $49.99 each).

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