Toys R Us Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Toys R Us Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Toys R Us announced late last night that it has filed for bankruptcy protection. The company says it will continue normal business operations throughout the holiday season. No store closures have been announced, and stores outside of Canada and the United States are not part of the filing.


Toys R Us is preparing to possibly file for bankruptcy before Christmas, multiple sources say.

The company is reportedly putting together a multi-million-dollar loan that could fund its operations if it goes bankrupt in the next few months.

Toys R Us could make the move as early as sometime in the next few weeks. The Wall Street Journal reported that the toy supergiant is considering filing for Chapter 11 protection in the US Bankruptcy Court.

The company hasn't made any official public statements yet, but it looks like Toys R Us has been struggling to keep up with online shoppers buying from Amazon and similar retailers.

Toys R Us currently has more than 1,600 stores worldwide and over $5 billion in debt, a Reuters report says.

No store closures have been announced, but one report says future Canadian closures are possible.

The news is leaving some people wondering where they'll do their Christmas shopping if Toys R Us goes bankrupt before the holidays. What do you think you'll do?

While this is definitely sad news, it might mean more sales will pop up at Toys R Us Canada – so make sure you stay tuned to our deal page for updates!


  • Cheyenne H.

    seems everyone's got the same idea as us Walmart has the same stuff at half the cost!

  • Lindsay D.

    Honestly, while I find this sad, it doesn't surprise me. The prices at Toys R Us always seem to be so much higher than other stores. They do price match, but still. The only thing they have over other stores is the selection unfortunately.

    • Jessica M.

      Yes and ordering online through mobile sucks. The website is super laggy

    • Lindsay D.

      Jessica Mackenzie oh I totally agree!

  • Kathryn K.


  • Sara B.


  • Natalie F.

    Whut. No. :pensive:

  • Leanne S.

    So many stores closing lately!!

  • Kristen S.

    Ya, I heard this! I heard that they owe lots of money. Hopefully lots of deals coming soon. If so, we are going shopping lol

  • Jamie T.

    you better spend those gift cards quickly for the boys!

  • Crystal T.

    I wouldn't be too sad. I don't go to our store in Saskatoon cause they never have what I want in stock and our customer service sucks. If I need something from them it's online

    • Anita D.

      Same here in Kitchener, Ontario

  • Wendy B.

    Over priced and bad customer service....

  • Rob A.


  • Kevin B.

    Cause they charge to damn much

  • Chàtty B.

    It's sad but I'm not surprise. They charge too much. Service is bad too. Lawrence and Victoria park location they made us wait 45 min for our car set. Customer service lady told us she will be back but never did.

  • Arlene G.

    No surprise. They either out of stock or prices higher than other places. I have kids but TRU flyers go straight into recycling.

  • Stephanie P.

    Finally we can relate :joy::joy:

  • Tanya P.

    Yeah this has been going on for a while now. They haven't filed yet tho

  • Sarah D.

    The service in this place is always awful. Doesn't matter which location you go. I think the only one that had good service, was well stocked and clean was one in markham. Otherwise I always hate going in. Try finding someone to help you in the baby registry area---go ahead. I dare you!

  • Emilie G.

    Before Christmas? That would be disastrous!! Although personally I wouldn't miss it that much..

  • Wendy M.

    One day we won't have any stores to actually go in to shop they will be a thing of the past :disappointed:

    • Mandi T.

      I think so too...its a bummer. I love looking at stuff in person..hope it's a long way away yet

    • Wendy M.

      me tooo

  • Holly C.

    Great service at the Dartmouth crossing location :slight_smile:

  • jjd

    We love going to ToysRUs. My son could point directions to the store before he could talk! It's where he learned how to shop for himself. We have purchased many many things from them, greatest deals on aluminum good quality bikes (much better than Walmart), snow sleds, Lego sets and more. When they have sales the selection and price is awesome and cannot be beat. Where did they go wrong? Too much baby stuff I bet. I hope they can pull it off, get rid of the babies r us and keep the toys r us going!

  • Tanya P.

    I agree, id rather buy online and have it shipped to the house.

  • Carla R.

    I better get the darn toys I ordered (said in stock online) but now they are back ordered :rage:

    • Patricia L.

      They are not closing so you'll be fine.

  • April M.

    I just read this and was going to tag you. :wink:

  • Alexandra H.

    S'all iPads mom it's 2017

  • Alexandra H.

    Children don't know fun:joy:

  • Angel Y.

    it's a sad world Sad AF

  • Stanley L.

    You know, everyone complains about their prices, but the lines I'm into are on par with general pricing. And since TRU has sales, unlike Walmart, that means I can often save money there.

    Honestly, while they still have a ways to go, TRU Canada has improved a lot over the past decade or two. Their website, however, actually got worse.

  • Stéphanie C.

    oui je sais faut je me calme j'achèterais mes cadeau de noel tout suite lol Il y a plein de spéciaux sur la marque que j'aime !

  • Sherry C.

    I prefer Amazon as well! No driving around to look IF they have an ITEM or not. Amazon tells me if they do, i just order and its at my door in 2 days(if prime) and i can compare prices too. I rarely go into Toys or us. I use to go in there all the time( i have 3 kids) i find myself in that store maybe 2 times a year, and that is only for a Birthday Gift. This doesnt surprize me at all. Their prices as well are higher, unless on sale.

    • Sherry C.

      Nicky D not if u find deals :slight_smile:

  • Carlene C.

    it costs too much to shop there

    • Linda J.

      Your right Carlene they have always been over priced .

  • Laura C.

    This is crazy,,,, the biggest toy shop in the world!!!!! Can't be true!!!!

  • Sarah H.

    Not surprised. They don't attempt to keep up with the competition and thies day's, if you can't adapt you go extinct.

  • Carling B.

    this is so sad:weary::broken_heart:

  • Matthew B.

    When they charge $70-$100+ just for shipping not surprising they'd fold. We have been to the store 2 maybe 3 times we have 3 kids all 10 and under so we would go far more and do more online but prices are much more expensive. They also jack up prices as soon as October hits

  • Ashley G.

    baby shopping and toy shopping soon haha maybe there will be deals !

  • Laurie S.

    Not a shock. Severely overpriced.

  • Sabrina M.

    better get your Xmas shopping done now before it's too late:thumbsup_tone2:

  • Patricia L.

    Leanne Smith but they are not closing. Read the article

  • Heather T.

    I am surprised they lasted as long as they have. Always overpriced!

  • Amanda O.

    I love how everyone is freaking out over this! They're not closing and most people are complain that they never shop there anyways. Like what? Hopefully if they get the debt figured out their prices will drop.

  • Patricia L.

    exactly. I hope it all works out for them, they do have a wonderful selection, but man it's expensive!

  • TammyandJohn K.

    Children on the 1rst world had stopped playing with toys

  • Shantelle E.

    .. martin sent me an article about this yesterday. I was beyond excited knowing I need baby stuff

  • Chantel D.

    I know :weary: kevin told me last night

  • Maggie L.

    you can start doing shopping for Chelsea

  • Lisa O.


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