How to Get the Paw Patrol Air Patroller for $33.97 @ Chapters Indigo!

Paw Patrol Air Patroller for $33.97

The Paw Patrol Air Patroller is definitely going to be a huge Christmas seller this year. Chapters has them on sale now for $33.97 and I am definitely going to grab one for the little one before stock dwindles too much. I know he would go crazy for this one to match his Paw Patroller.

Chapters has 15% off this weekend when you use code INDIGO15 during checkout, but prior to that you'll want to grab your Indigo gift cards for 20% off at Rexall's, Loblaws, or the Real Canadian Superstore.

You may use these gift cards online to pay for your purchase, and this will put the Paw Patroller at $33.97.

The Paw Patrol Air Patroller has rotating propellers and easily transforms from a helicopter into a plane! It has real lights and sounds too. You can fit up to 2 characters in the Cockpit and 4 in the Cargo Bay.

Shipping is free!


  • Joan G.

    I'm gunna be doing some online shopping!

  • Lindsey S.

    I figured for Xmas it is good deal!!

  • Joan G.

    That's exactly what I was thinking! :) thanks!!

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