Hot Wheels Car Service Engine Back in Stock

Hot Wheels Car Engine $129.95

This is the perfect toy for your little Hot Wheels fans – and it's finally back in stock! Instead of just racing cars, they can actually fix them with the Hot Wheels Car Service Engine, available now at Chapters!

This playset is regular price and sells for $129.95 at Chapters – but if you wait until the weekend, you might be able to score it for 15% off (if they release another coupon code, that is)!

Your kiddos can take the Hot Wheels Car Engine apart and put it all back together again, so it's perfect for aspiring mechanics and anyone who's always asking how things work!

They can open the motor cover, replace the battery, check the oil level, test the headlights and more! Plus, the engine lights up and makes noises to let them know if they're on the right track!

There's even room to store Hot Wheels cars in the back!

We haven't seen it anywhere else in Canada yet, but we'll make sure to update this post if and when we do!

Your order will ship to your home or a Chapters store for free.


  • Megan M.

    Oh that's too cool!!! Definitely need to look into this.

  • Rhon K.

    . Here is a cool toy for a group of boys

  • Jenna K.

    , I feel like this has Nixon written all over it!

    • Amy S.

      Ha ha Jenna your so right! Lindsey said the same thing to me yesterday

  • Kim E.

    I think Henry needs this..

    • Mike E.

      You can buy it for him:grin:

  • Yvonne K.

    - Christmas gift for Josh?

  • Kyla C.

    Seb would love this for Christmas

  • Marc C.


  • Nancy K.

    Cam has one and loves it! :grin:

  • Chantelle R.

    that would be so cute for Kodi

    • Jocelynn B.

      That's so cute.

  • Lori R.

    OMG, who do we know that would LOVE this...hmmm

  • Gharib H.

    That’s funny I was thinking of getting Jr one for Christmas

  • Sierra F.

    They're cute! Plus you can start him out young lol

  • Kim S.

    isn’t this cool

    • Alisha P.

      Yes !! I’ve seen these. Super neat. They have small versions too

  • Nicole K.

    ! How neat! :)

    • Bobbiejean J.

      Whaaat?! Omg my kids need this!!!:scream:

  • Pearl H.

    Coupon code Give15 will get 15% off for the weekend.

  • Kat A.

    Coby in a couple years!

    • Mandi J.

      Probably more within the year lol he loves screw drivers and knows what to do with them!!

  • Lydia T.

    Malade :o

  • Cindy S.

    Omg where can I find one????

  • Jolien E.

    Bought....thanks Keatan is going to love it.

  • Valerie W.

    I can just vision Cameron doing this AND ADELE SUPERVISING!

  • Joslynn W.

    found hudsons Christmas present

  • Jenna C.

    there we go lol

  • Sara B.

    I know what I'm getting him now!

  • Amanda L.


    • Jolee H.

      This is awesome

    • Amanda L.

      right? I immediately thought of Rhett.

    • Jolee H.

      Next year's Christmas present!

  • Kari M.


  • Audrey B.

    Ton ptit homme triperais hehe

  • Lydia T.

    Solide !! Je sais pas ou qui en vende par exemple

  • Marilyn M.

    That is sooo cool!!

  • Lesley S.

    My boys love ours! Its great for a wide range of ages

  • Jason M.

    For the price of these you can buy you're kid a real junker car lpl

  • Chelsea O.

    Need to get this

  • Éli O.

    t sa aurait été cool comme cadeau mais le prix:scream:

  • Sarah C.

    rian would love it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Sally L.

    For or for the children?!

  • Adam B.

    , the kids can get their own....

  • CaroleAnn S.

    for L!!

    • Kayla D.

      Love it!!

    • CaroleAnn S.

      It's perfect!

  • Cindy S.


  • MichelenDave C.

    step 2,..grab an old lawnmower,..a cheap welder, a working prototype ,...hehe crawf.

  • Julie J.

    Mark would LOVE this!

  • Carri B.

    I wonder if it's too young for Danny? Might be a neat idea

  • Mary D.

    That's awesome! I am going to look into it. He loves that kind of stuff!

  • Linda L.

    And Jax too! Lol!

  • Denise K.

    for Haidenn and Mike lol

  • Brittaney M.


    • Brendon A.

      Gv needs it

    • Brittaney M.

      Right? Lol maybe christmas

  • Talia B.

    practice up? :wink:

    • Mikael B.

      Hahahaha! I wouldn’t mind if you spent the extra dime and just got me a 24v Cummins to work on:wink:

    • Talia B.

      For you, anything! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Sally L.

    can I share yours, or no?

  • Jessica P.

    pretty cool

  • Adam B.

    no. Ur on ur own too

  • Michelle K.

    have you seen this!

  • Samantha S.

    . Great Christmas idea!!!

  • Jesska M.

    she always steals our Xmas ideas every year. I will buy something and she tries to buy it off me lol

  • Samantha S.

    lol and I just sent her this idea for u. Lol

  • Jesska M.

    I ordered it already . For Weston from her lol

  • Brenda A.

    a must buy for Kirby! Never too early to start learning! Lol

  • Jesska M.

    We got one for Weston

  • Jan L.

    TSC has a John Deere tractor one!

  • Jesska M.

    That's cool. We got this one for Xmas already

  • Kathy K.

    I bet Niela and Nico would have fun with this!

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