GreenManGaming: Select EA Games on Sale: Crysis, Deadspace, Command & Conquer Ultimate & More!

19 April 2013

Burnout, Command & Conquer, Dead Space, Dragon Age! What a gaming lineup! And it's all on sale at GreenManGaming!

I just love when a sale lines up with something I'm already buying. A guy at work had mentioned to me that the Command & Conquer Ultimate edition was only $30 on Steam. I had been planning on getting it for a while but with this sale, I'm picking it up as soon as I'm done wrting this article!

But if you aren't in to Command & Conquer and don't want to get ALL seventeen Command and Conquer games for SUPER CHEAP, then there are other titles  available at Green Man Gaming to download. There are even individual Command and Conquer games but for the price, you might as well get them all in a retooled package that will work on your modern operating system.

Here are some prices and examples:

There are some great deals here. If I hadn't just bought a bunch of games, I'd probably pick up some more. I need to reign myself in! Well, maybe I'll pick up one of the $5 games. Anywho, these are PC downloads so no shipping costs. Since they are all EA games you'll need to get the free EA Origin program to play them.

(Expires: 21st April 2013)

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