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19 October 2012

BOO! It's almost the end of October and you all know what that means, right? Yeah, another reason for sales! This time it's GreenMan Gaming and "the scariest,  most graphic and truly deadly games on this Zombie-infested planet."

They have a lot of games in this sale but they are featuring three so I'll mention these here.

Definitely some good games here. There are some famous franchises like POSTAL, Alan Wake and Bioshock, and some others that I hadn't heard of like Darkness Within 2 and Killing Floor. There is even a pre-order deal on a game called Lucious.

I haven't played a horror game in years. It was some Silent Hill game on PS2. Silent Hill 3, I think. I always liked them, but lately my tolerance for creeping myself out has gone down. Maybe it's because I get so little time to game that I'd rather it be all joy rather than jumping out of my skin when something  jumps out at me.

But if you have time to soil yourself due to video-game-induced-fear, GreenMan is the place to be!

(Expires: Unknown)

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