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13 December 2012

If the Bulk Barn sold video games instead of delicious candy, it'd be called GreenMan Gaming. Or it'd be called Bulk Barn, but they'd have video games.

There are thirteen bundles on the site right now. I don't know if this is a permanent thing or if they'll swap them out with new ones, or just add to the list. Any-who, here are a few of them.

  • Painkiller Bundle (Five games)  - Was $39.87 - Save $29.89 - Now $9.98
  • Headup Strategy Bundle (Five games) - Was $56.37 - Save $30.59 - Now $25.78
  • Commandos Bundle (Five games) - Was $23.79 - Save $12.35 - Now $11.44

I think this is one of the best deals going right now. There are some amazing prices. I recently got a PC capable of doing some decent PC gaming, so I am definitely going to be taking advantage of these deals. I don't know which ones yet, but there are some EVE Online packs that look really good.

I've never played an online game with any great regularity because I suspect I'll turn into one of those people who quit their jobs to play. I have some friends who play EVE Online though, and they really dig it. Every time they talk about it, it seems interesting, so I am definitely interested. If in the next month or two they take me off of the Bargainmoose "About Us" page, you'll know why.

(Expires: Unknown)

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