GreenMan Gaming: Value Packs Week - Huge Discounts on Awesome Game Packs

12 September 2013

You ever just want to pick up an entire series in one go? Now is the time to do it with GreenMan Gaming's Value Pack Week sale!

This is such a great sale. They are taking packs of game series like Hitman, Postal, LEGO and Legacy of Kain and putting them on sale for huge discounts. the LEGO one, for instance is about $85 off retail! It's nuts. The only thing I don't like with this sale is that the deals are almost all 24 hours. LEGO is 48 hours but most are 24. Or maybe not most. They don't really say, which is frustrating. I suppose it's so you'll but anything you like right away instead of waiting because you know you have four days to buy it or something.

Since they deals aren't stable, I won't link to any but just know that there are tons of them and there are a lot of awesome deals. Even the Civilization pack is a bit more than $50 off. They even have developer packs. If you really dig SquareEnix, there is a pack for that. Maybe you like SquareEnix' action games and don't want any of their other genres. There is a pack for that. Digital Tribe? Pack for that. They have tons of awesome stuff available so comb through and pick up some stuff you know you'll love or get something you're not sure about.

What are you going to get? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: Unknown)

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