GreenMan Gaming: FREE Game + FREE DLC + $10 Gift Card When you Pre-Order XCOM: Enemy Unknown

7 October 2012

What's better than a good game? A good game that comes with a $10 Gift Card. What's even better!? A good game that comes with a $10 Gift Card and FREE DLC! What's EVEN BETTER!?!? A good game that comes with a $10 Gift Card and FREE DLC and a FREE game!! BOOM!!

Civilization V costs $30 on GreenMan and you get the $10 gift card. I don't know how much the DLC is worth but even without it you get $40 in freebies! The sale is only valid in North America and only until the date the game ships, which is the 9th. If you've already picked this game up from GreenMan, you will still get these perks. Not sure how but I'm sure GreenMan can fill you in if it isn't immediately evident. Oh, and if you already own Civilization V, you can gift your free copy to someone else. Can you say free Christmas gift?

I actually kind of dismissed this game at first. I don't really know why but whenever I saw it I ignored it. No real reason, I just never looked into it. Then I realized that companies like GreenMan Gaming have been pushing this game for a while. I figured it must be something big if it is getting this big of a push. So I looked into it and it looks really good. It's a sci-fi turned based tactical strategy RPG and It's getting some good buzz. The pre-release ratings have been generally favorable too, including a 9.5/10 from Game Informer. One of the things that people seem to like about it is that it has a really high replay value which is always good if you're a cheapskate like me. On top of it all, it's coming to PS3 so I can get it!

(Expires: 9th October 2012)

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