Greenman Gaming Coupon Code: 25% Off GTA V For PC - Now Just $45 US


Have you been meaning to give Grand Theft Auto V a try? Here's your chance to while saving money: you can use the code below to get a 25% discount on this super popular game but only during the next couple of days. Originally selling for $59.99 US ($73.90 CDN), you can get it for just $45 US, which comes up to about $55.43 in Canadian.

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  • Coupon Code: GRAB25-PERCNT-OFFNOW
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: 19th June 2015 @ 1pm EST

I had the opportunity of playing this game when it first came out on PS3 (and subsequently on the PS4) and I must tell you that it's definitely worth playing! It's very well made and the missions will keep you on your toes as you navigate through the vast cities. The story lines of the three characters, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, are also intriguing as the game makes you wonder how these characters, from very different backgrounds, will come together in the end.

Reviews for this game have been pretty spectacular across the board. Here's one that gave it a 100 score on Greenman Gaming's site:

GTA V is one of the first games of 2015, this is one of the best games to come out so far its graphics are fantastic and excellent gameplay recommend it 100% because it is a game for fun and it is not history, terror, etc, this game can be played with friends and making different kinds of missions I hope you buy and enjoy this wonderful game.

Everywhere else, the PC version of this page is $69.99 such as at Best Buy or EB Games. has it for $69.95. Admittedly, these come in DVD form, which means that you would receive an actual CD but since these are quickly becoming obsolete, you might as well get the truly PC version with Greenman Gaming. Not only will you save money but you will also immediately receive your activation key via e-mail, which means that you can play right away as well instead of waiting for your game to arrive in the mail.

For more Greenman Gaming coupon codes, be sure to keep an eye on the Bargainmoose forum. The one above can actually be used on other games as well but keep in mind that it may not work on all. It's worth a try though if there's another game that you have been eyeing for a while.

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  • Rodney D.
    I had purchased GTA V from GMG pre-launch for a similar price, and I can assure you that it is worth every penny spent (one of the greatest games of all time). Real ballpark figure: I figure that strict rushing through the story alone is probably 15 hours of incredibly scripted, incredibly acted, incredibly engaging and fun-to-play gameplay. Add to this the side quests and development of your characters (socializing with other characters in-game during outings) and you probably have 30 hours of gameplay even BEFORE even touching the online portion (which was disappointing in the GTA IV series before it, but this one has a lot of acclaim apparently). Finally, redoing the story mode but making different moral choices than you did the first time around, and you are looking at a game that can keep an average player (i.e. me) busy for months : ) Every GTA before this one was bought in physical-media form (I wanted to HAVE the disc with physical map, booklets and posters of what I had purchased) but at the price GMG was offering it, I couldn't turn down this offer. Frankly, Green Man Gaming is my first stop before even considering purchasing a newly released title (since Steam often sells at the same price or even higher than the price of physical copies, which is sheer nonsense in my book). Just remember, if you wish to purchase this title, you MUST have a 64 bit version of Windows installed, aside from meeting the minimum requirements obviously.

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