Great Easter Gift for Less than $8! My Monopoly Game $7.60 @ Amazon | Lightning Deal

My Monopoly Game $7.60 @ Amazon

Jump on this one before it's gone, Moosers! What a great idea this is and it would make a perfect, inexpensive gift for Easter next weekend. My Monopoly, the personalized Monopoly game, is just $7.60 today (while the deal lasts).

This is too cool. With My Monopoly, you and/or your kids can personalize the game in minutes with customized spaces, tokens, Chance and Community Chest cards.

You just download the My Monopoly app (or visit the website), upload and print your own photos on the included game sticker sheets and add them to the game.

This set also includes special $1000 Monopoly bills (and who doesn't need $1000 bills?) and can be played the usual way straight out of the box, without customization.

I couldn't find this selling at any other Canadian retailers but found it for around $16 US at American retailers. Getting it for $7.60 is a steal! But hurry before this Lightning Deal is 100% claimed - it's already half gone!

If you're not a Prime member, you'll want to top up your cart to $25 to get free shipping.

(Expires: 19th March 2016)

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