Get Games: Indie Carnival Sale With Up To 75% Off Select Games & Multi-Buy Discounts (Expired)

25 August 2014


Hurry, hurry- step right up! It’s the most wonderful time of the year- especially for parents that are overseeing their kids prepare for their return to school. However, this deal on Get Games’ website makes this time of the year just as exciting for gamers! Whether you’re a casual or an avid gamer, this intriguing deal will certainly spike your interest- you can save up to 75% on select PC and Mac games, but that’s not all, folks! You can save even more by purchasing multiple titles, allowing you to save big time!

This Indie Carnival Sale at Get Games will allow you to save an additional 10% off of your order if you purchase two select titles, 20% off with three select titles, 30% off with four titles, 40% off with five titles, and finally 50% off with six titles. These discounts are stacked on top of the other opportunities to save by purchasing these select indie PC and Mac games, and some already have up to 75% off a price reduction already in place!

This deal provides many with the opportunity to try out marquee titles that have been positively praised online, such as The Cave by Sega (50% off at $7.49) and Super Meat Boy by Team Meat (75% off at $3.75.) I found The Cave to be a fun adventure game that reminded me of older PC classics that I’d play on my 286 IBM computer, such as Maniac Mansion and Day Of The Tentacle (you Bargainmoosers get a virtual high five from me for remembering any of these titles!) It’s got a 7.7 out of 10 user score on game review site Metacritic - here’s one of the reviews posted on there by a satisfied player:

It's a wonderful game. I think of it as a mix of an adventure game with "The Lost Vikings" gameplay (or maybe Trine, if you're younger). The possibility of selecting 3 from 7 characters with distinct abilities is the main positive thing about the game, because it gives you a lot of possibilities. I just think the "Cave" humour could be a little less forced.

On the other hand, Super Meat Boy is a challenging yet exciting puzzle game that has caused me to spend several hours in front of my laptop (seriously- it’s that addicting). It also has a Metacritic rating of 87, showing that it’s widely praised by video game critics.

There are 174 titles to choose from for this sale, including older favourites like Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee, and intriguing newer games, like Surgeon Simulator 2013. If you want to delve into some great titles, take advantage of this sale and download these games from Get Games while you can.

(Expiry: unknown)

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