Up to 80% off Rockstar Games

11 July 2012

Wanna be a Rockstar? Well, we can't help you with that but we can help you get up to 80% off some games made by Rockstar games!

There are four deals available:

First off you should know that these games are all rated M and are very adult games so before you go tell your kid about the great deals for those "dang video games you kids are always playing" you'll wanna check out their ratings.

That being said, these games are all very highly rated (On Metacritic - L.A. Noire is 83/100, GTA: San Andreas is 93/100 and GTA: IV is 95/100) and are loved by millions.

The GTA games are "sandbox" games, which means you can just run around like a maniac for hours blowing stuff up, crashing cars, whatever you want. Part of the fun of these games is doing just that. There are tons of side missions and places to explore.

L.A. Noire steps away from that model and is a very linear game. A lot of people complained about that, but it's a detective game: it kind of has to be linear. There is a great article at Destructoid talking about this very issue.

Regardless, these are great deals so if you're interested, check em out!

(Expires: Unknown, It may go to the end of the week)

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