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So I wasn't sure what to title this post as some of what I want to talk about is GameAgent in general, and some of what I want to mention is a couple of the individual sales they have going on there. Then as part 3 I want to speak about my experience with game agent.

1. GameAgent is a online place you buy computer games. They are a US company, but one of the great things is a lot of the games you buy, you can download strait from them if you have a good internet connection. They have sales targeting specific games all the time, so there is something new being discounted every few days. They have PC games and they have MAC games. They have games you won't find anywhere else for MAC (except maybe Steam). Like Civilization IV and it's expansions.

2. Some of the awesome deals currently going on at Game Agent for their Halloween special:

Those are all 40% off. But just check in on their website. You will see the mass amounts of discounts. I have priced out some of the MAC games and you can't find them for cheaper anywhere.

3. My experience: I found GameAgent after searching for a MAC version of Civilization IV and expansion packs. Finding it was impossible, finding it cheap was a miracle. I found it on Game Agent. While toying with buying it I ended up following GameAgent's tweets and they had a 'Flash Sale' for Civ IV and it's expansions, everything 50% off + free shipping on orders of $20. I got Civ IV for $10, an expansion for $10 and free shipping. The ONLY downside was the package took almost 1 month to get here. But it was an AMAZING deal. I am so pleased.

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