GameAccess: Triple Length FREE Trial & Double the FREE Game Rentals!

24 March 2013

Coffee drinkers ask for a Double Double at Tim Horton's. Gamers get a Triple Double at the GameAcess Canada drive thru window!

Click here for a Triple Length Trial and Double the FREE Game rentals!

  • Coupon Code: GAMEMOOSE
  • Discount: FREE 30 Day, Two FREE Game Rentals, FREE Fast Return
  • Expiry:  Unknown

Normally you get a ten day FREE trial and one FREE game rental but with our exclusive coupon code you get thirty days FREE and two FREE game rentals! How about that for a deal?! You need more? How about fast return? The description of this deal in Bargainmoose's Game Access Coupon Code page describes this deal quite well!

Code extends the trial period to 30 days instead of 10 days, adds a 2nd game and fast return feature. 2nd game means that you can add 10+ games to your rental queue and 2 of them will be shipped to you right away instead of just 1 game. Fast Rental means you don't have to wait for Game Access to receive your rental returns before sending you the next games in your rental queue. Once you are done playing with one or both of your rentals, put them back in the mail and notify Game Access you have done so for the next games in your rental queue to be mailed to you.

Game Access has game from the newest consoles like the WiiU and the PS Vita all the way back to the PS2 and xBox! If you want to rent games, this is the way to do it!

(Expires: Unknown)

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