Future Shop Canada: Save Up To $60 By Pre-Ordering Games


It's good to be a gamer at Future Shop Canada. Get up to $60 off  when you pre-order E3 game titles!  This is an online only, on from 7th-9th June, 2011.

The more games you pre-order, the better the deal gets. When you pre-order 1 E3 game title, get $10 off. Pre-order 2 E3 game titles and get $15 off each ($30 total), and when you pre-order 3 E3 game titles, you'll get $20 off each ($60 total).

This deal applies to games over $49.99.  Games included in this promotion are select titles from Sony Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo and PC games.

You'll get free shipping too from Future Shop with your order over $20.

(Expires 9th June, 2011)

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