Gorilla Metropolis Premium Play Sets Only $26000 & Free Shipping @ Costco

Premium Play Sets $26000 @ Costco

How cool is this?! I came across this amazing play set at Costco and just had to have it. It's just $25,999.99 and shipping and handling is included!

The Metropolis by Gorilla Play has seven decks that total over 200 square feet of play space, and two enclosed club houses complete with windows and a front porch. It also features:

  • a bridge
  • 4 slides
  • 2 tire swings
  • 3 sand boxes
  • monkey bars
  • sky loft
  • 2 swing belts
  • trapeze bar
  • dinner bell
  • flag kits
  • safety handles
  • steering wheels
  • telescopes
  • periscope
  • binoculars

...and more!

It's built using the best California Redwood and Cedar lumber that's rot, decay and insect resistant; the wood is finished with a stain and sealant to ensure it looks great for many years to come. All the hardware is heavy-duty, commercial grade and there are no nails; no ground anchoring or bracing is required. Most importantly, it supports adult weight so the whole family can play!

The system comes ready to assemble but you're also assigned a Customer Service Specialist from the Gorilla Playsets company to assist you with scheduling delivery, helping with installation and answering any questions.

As I mentioned, delivery is included for $25,999.99 and I don't think these will last long at that price!

(Expires: Unknown)


  • R-U-Serious

    I thought when I first read the article you were slammin' another senseless add!!(like the 2 avocado halves/packaging you did lately). For starters...how many Canadian families do you actually believe are A: so well off that they just happen to have an extra $29, 379.99(after taxes) to blow needlessly on a playset that will only be used a few years, instead of being less lazy and more financially efficient and walking/riding bikes with the family to the nearest park? Or B: are going to rush out and buy one without realizing they could buy the material, and hire someone to build it for a 1/10th the price?! Seriously...I hope you put your money where your mouth is, and your neighbours see one in YOUR yard soon, since you "Just have to have it!!"

  • Cathy M.

    Not a chance! That's crazy.

  • Lisa R.

    I love the free shipping lol! At that price you better throw in the free medical insurance!

  • Brenda F.

    Not unless I ran a daycare, or early years school or something....not a chance. Too much space (kids only play on these types of structures for a couple of years), too much plastic.

  • sleep1880

    Nice "bargain".... April Fools?!

    • miarodak

      You got it!! April Fools' indeed! (But still, a pretty amazing play set...) :) 

  • Jaylene B.

    Haha so clever. Thanks for the great deals for APRIL guys

    • Bargainmoose

      I think you're the FIRST to get it! LOL. I can't stop with the giggling. :)

  • Brittany W.

    I think my daycare needs this....

    • Carrie W.

      I'll talk with Dad .....lmao!!!!!!

    • Brittany W.

      Perfect. Bahahhaha!

  • Stina

    It's really the free shipping that makes all the difference. Who would want to pay for shipping on that? lol (good one!)

  • Natasha R.

    What a deal!!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • dilbert1977

    I tried to get 2, but they were sold out =(

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