Free Printables: Nature Scavenger Hunt!

I was browsing on Pinterest and saw an idea about nature scavenger hunts for the kids during the summer – it’s a great idea to keep the kids entertained. Plus, they’re free!! I made this free printable nature scavenger hunt for you guys – click the image and you’ll see a larger version. You can print it out, hand it to the kids and hopefully keep them entertained for at least half an hour!!


The can take a pencil with them and put a tick in the empty leaves, to the right of each line.

I hope they have fun – please comment below if you make use of it.

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  • Brooke W.
    I just love this!
  • Sue
    Warning - clicking on the link to the larger version and choosing PRINT within your browser means that your printer prints pages and pages and pages of the Bargainmoose blog :(
    • Anna W.
      Sorry Sue... we can't really help with that as that would be browser specific. I'd recommend just right clicking the image, copy pasting it into word.

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