Fisher-Price Imaginext Dino Fortress $27 Down From $50 @ + Free Ship!

Fisher Price Dino Fortress $27 + Free Ship!

The other day my sisters and I were exchanging stories and sharing fun memories about some of our old Fisher Price Toys that we had grown up with. We all agreed that the Fisher Price Castle had been one of our all time favorites.

That conversation prompted me to look around on-line to see what Fisher Price offers now-a-days for kids, castle or Fortress related. I noticed the Fisher Price Imaginext Dino Fortress, selling at for only $27, down from $50!

If you have the kind of kid who really uses his or her imagination - this is going to be a lot more than a Dino Fortress. I can see this fortress being a place for finding great discoveries, such as ancient treasures. The style of the fortress reminds me of the movie El Dorado, (A great animated movie by the way, if you have not seen it, you really must!) and I love that it looks like it is for older kids to play with, at the front and back.

In this Dino Fortress by Fisher Price is a lava launcher, an erupting volcano, and a statue with a secret entrance (remember the old Fisher Price Castle secret stair entrance??)

Also included in this set is the Warrior figure, dinosaur figure, and 4 lava boulders for even more imaginative fun!

Shipping is free at on orders over $25!

(Deal expiry: Unknown)


  • Kathleen C.

    The school house!

    • Bargainmoose

      Loved it! Do you remember the Airport?! Too many great ones to list!

    • Kathleen C.

      I know!! I recently saw the school house and some other vintage FP toys in a thrift shop window...thank goodness they were closed or I would've bought everything!!

      • Eryn

        Ooooh! The vintage FP toys! I would love to see my old FP record player again. Hard not to purchase the nostalgic toys!

  • Katie B.

    I have this castle sitting on my living room floor right now! My kids play With it all the time.

    • Bargainmoose

      Really? So cool. Staying power! Love that.

    • Eryn

      Great to hear that it's such a hit with your kids, Katie B.! Thanks for sharing your comments. :)

  • Thelmawapeg

    Would love to have one for the nursery students...

    • Eryn

      Perfect toy for that age group - it would be fun to listen to whatever story they spin, when playing with the fortress, wouldn't it!?

  • Bargainmoose

    The circus was AMAZING.

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