Etch A Sketch Freestyle Drawing Pad $29.99

Etch A Sketch Freestyle $29.99

There's a new Etch A Sketch in town – and you don't even need to use the knobs to draw! The Etch A Sketch Freestyle Drawing Pad is out now, and you can pick it up from $29.99!

I'll admit it – I was definitely a little annoyed when I first heard about this. I don't even know how many hours I spent trying to master straight lines on my old Etch A Sketch, let alone entire pictures!

But I thought about it, and this is a pretty cool toy. It's an awesome way to introduce a new generation to an old classic, and it'll be great for keeping the kids busy on road trips and plane rides!

Your kiddos can choose to draw with a stylus or two double-sided stampers. Two button cell batteries also come already installed – so you can start getting creative right away.

Right now, Toys R Us Canada has the best price at $29.99, and we found a few more places to get it.

Mastermind Toys' price might be a little steep, but if you pick one up today, you can use the code BDAY20 at checkout to receive 20% off any single item in stock – include this Etch A Sketch!

Shipping costs will vary from store to store, but usually has the best policy with free shipping on orders over $35.

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  • Linda H.

    They've made it far too easy! lol

  • Maegan M.

    This is really cool and it would be lots of fun but This should be named something completely different.

  • CoLe G.

    Ehhh called me old fashion, but I like the original where you had to work for an hour on two turning knobs just trying to make a house!

  • Stanley L.

    Isn't this basically a Magna Doodle?

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