Eevee & Pikachu Pokemon Available in Build a Bear Stores Now!

Eevee & Pikachu @ Build a Bear Now!

Wow! We have some pretty exciting news! We know how loved Build a Bear is, and we know how loved Pokemon are. What if we told you that the two have combined?! As of today, you can head into your local Build a Bear store to get the Eevee plush, and starting tomorrow (Friday, September 2nd) you can get the Pikachu plush!

Upcoming birthday, or even for Christmas - this is going to be the perfect gift. Heck, I want the Pikachu for myself even. I imagine these Pokemon Build a Bears to be at the $35 price mark in stores, like their usual feature characters. The online exclusive sets, though, are $62 USD! But those sets come with clothing for the Eevee or Pikachu as well.

If you want Eevee or Pikachu, then I would get into your local Build a Bear store - ASAP. Kids and parents (and Pokemon fans) allover are going to be heading there as we speak, trying to get their hands on their favourite Pokemon friend. I wonder who will be added to the collection next? I hope Squirtle!

My suggestion is to be quick though, these cute little Pokemon plush characters are going to sell out super fast. You can get them online as well, but the exchange rate and shipping make the prices a lot heftier. Plus, isn't it more fun to take your kiddo into the store and have them help make their very own Pikachu or Eevee?

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