Crayon Physics Delux Game Download: Pay What You Want!


On, they're offering a deal where you can pay what you want to purchase and download their cool little indie PC game!

You can pay whatever you want! That makes it practically free! I would probably recommend paying at least a dollar though. If you purchase this game through Steam right now, you'd be paying $19.99!!

On googling for reviews, I can see that it has an 8.8 rating on IGN, and some good comments on arstechnica.  I haven't played this myself yet, but I am tempted to try it for a dollar. I have a graphics tablet on my PC, so I think it would be good fun with that.

(Ends 15th January 2010)

UPDATE - I bought it last night and played it for an hour before bed. I am able to use my little graphics tablet to draw through my PC. It's great fun!!

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