New Crate Creatures are Coming to Canada Soon!

Where to Buy Crate Creatures

There are new creatures in town, and they're ready to become your "beast" friends. If your kids haven't started asking about Crate Creatures yet, it's only a matter of time.

And that's why we put together this quick guide to all the different Crate Creatures out there, as well as where you can buy them.

Let's start with answering a pretty simple question: What are Crate Creatures?

These critters are very similar to Hatchimals, except instead of hatching them from an egg, you use a crowbar to break into their crates and set them free – and they cost about $20 less!

Once they're out, you can pull their tongues to see your creature vibrate and make funny noises! They'll flap their arms when you shake their tails, make chomping noises when you feed them their treats and make over 45 different sounds. Each Crate Creature comes with a treat, lock and chain, crowbar and reusable crate – but we're just getting started.

The original Crate Creatures first appeared last year, as Sizzle and Blizz made their way into stores. You can sometimes find them on sale, since something even bigger and better is on its way.

The new collection is called Crate Creatures Big Blowout, and there are two new critters that will soon be available online. Croak and Guano will sell for $119.95 each, and they're the new-and-improved monsters we've all been waiting for. We'll have more details once they're in stock!

Crate Creatures tend to sell out fast whenever they're in stock, but they're often available at Chapters Indigo and Toys R Us Canada. You can occasionally find them at and

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