Cloud B SoundBox & Multi-Sensory Plush Were $40 | Now $18 @ Sears Canada


Cloud B Sound Soothers are a real treat for children that need a little something extra to relax and fall asleep. We have posted about a few of them before and they are always a hit with parents. Right now there is a selection of Cloud B SoundBox and Multi-Sensory Plush on sale from $39.99 down to $27.99. Use coupon code 941612464 for an extra $10 off your order bringing this each plush down to $17.99 when you buy them individually. I recommend getting your order shipped for free to one of over 1300 Sears Store and Sears Outlet locations across Canada.

The CLOUD B Plush Animal With Sound Box (Lamb) and the CLOUD B Plush Animal With Sound Box (Giraffe) both play soothing sounds to help your child blissfully fall to sleep. These are the newer version that plays eight sounds four soothing sounds and four melodies:

  • Button 1: Press once: Mother's Heartbeat / Press Twice: Twinkle-Twinkle
  • Button 2: Press once: Rain / Press Twice: Rockabye Baby
  • Button 3: Press once: Surf / Press Twice: Classical Lullaby
  • Button 4: Press once: Whale song / Press Twice: Tranquil Melody

There are also two sleep-timers that give you an option between 23 and 45 minutes. The sound box is tucked inside the soft body so your child can interact with the plush. Batteries are included.

Your second option is the Multi-Sensory line of plush. Both the CLOUD B 'Glow Cuddles' Multi-Sensory Plush Bear and the CLOUD B 'Glow Cuddles' Multi-Sensory Plush Bunny are on sale from $39.99 down to $27.99 and come down to just $17.99 each after coupon (when purchased separately).

I think these are my favourite of the Cloud B designs. They combine touch and sight to help sooth your child when you are not with them. The plush glows and mimics a steady heartbeat when the plush is touched or hugged by your child. The plush can have a heartbeat or can vibrate. You can also set a timer for a soft glow from the plush for a soothing nightlight. This is SUCH a cool toy for a young one sleeping on their own.

According to Sears Canada, these plush are on sale for today only so pick one up for 30% off and then use the above coupon code for an extra $10 off your order. These same plush are currently $39.99 @ Toys R Us Canada.

(Expiry: 21st October 2015?)

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