Clippo: 35% Off Exclusive Coupon Code


We saw Clippo, we liked Clippo, and Clippo graced us with a MOOSE-CLUSIVE coupon code! You can save a whole lot of dough and still get these awesome Clippos with our coupon for 35% off!

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  • Discount: 35% off
  • Coupon Code: MOOSE35
  • Expires: 14th, November 2010

You have one whole week to take advantage of this extraordinarily generous coupon. As I mentioned in my first post about Clippo, they have some really cool clips. My favourite is the Everything Clippo, how can you beat that? Just put the band around something and clip it on to something. No missing toys, blankets, milk bottles, etc! For soothers there is the good old Soother Clippo.

I guess with winter coming up the Mittens Clippo might be a good idea, no frostbitten fingers from the loss of mittens while the parentage are distracted trying to dig the other child out of a snowbank.

And for those with kids that like prettying up there is a whole range of hair clippos, my favourites being the ones with Flair!

As a bonus, right now Clippo is offering a gift with purchase:

with ANY Clippo purchase you'll receive your choice of one Cow & The Moon Paper Co. "Itty Bitty". You get the cute, and you support their campaign [to support local food banks].

You can choose between "tiny prince" tiny princess" and "awesome" so check out their home page and make sure to add in your choice to the notes to seller box when you check out.


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