Cheap PC Game Deal: Unwell Mel For Only $0.99!

Here's another little gaming deal from Big Fish Games. You can buy and download the PC Game "Unwell Mel" for only $0.99 with the coupon code below!

  • Coupon Code: UNWELL99
  • Deal: Unwell Mel for $0.99

The doctor is in, with this madcap Match 3 game! Poor Mel has every ailment in the book, and you`re the only one who can cure him. Use your scanner to figure out what’s got him this time, whether it`s too much junk food, or some zany virus, and get to work.

The PC game is only $0.99, could be good for a few hours fun!


  • sherry g.
    at big fish games if you put in code HOLIDAYRAVEN you get a full free game of Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst if you put in code HUNTSVILLE99 you get a full version of Mystery Case Files Huntsville for$0.38
  • Anna
    Hee hee! I was jsut writing up the raven one as you posted :) It's being blogged a little later :) Thanks!
  • sherry g. Free Games You can also get one of four games for free if you send a free e-card from Just go to this (or get there from’s home page, click on E-Cards, search for “E-Cards with Free Games” on the left and click on that). Send the e-card to yourself (or a friend, if you want them to get the free game). Watch the e-card that’s been sent to your (or your friend’s) email, and when it ends, a link will appear that links to a page to get your free game (you need to enter your email address again – the free game voucher code will be sent to this email address).Use your free coupon code to purchase Mahjong Towers Eternity, Mystic Inn, or Mystery Case Files: Huntsville Detective Training

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