Chapters Canada: Save $10 Off Zipfly Sleds (Dec 18-24th)

18 December 2011

Save an extra $10 off the coolest kids outdoor toy, the Zipfly, at Chapters, until Christmas Eve.

The regular price of the Zipfly is $39.95, now on sale for $29.95. It's a great little sled that fits kids of all ages, even moms and dads too. The Zipfly comes in three colours - green, blue, red. You can use the Chapters coupon code OLDEC11 to save an extra $5 off too, making the sled only $24.95.

Zipfy is a lightweight, compact, performance snow sled that makes for an exhilarating downhill ride! Think coal shovel racing meets Olympic luge. It is engineered for all ages (250 lb. capacity) making it the perfect family fun sport. Zipfy is incredibly safe as you can steer by leaning into the side. Stopping is also made easy as all it takes is dropping your heels to either slow yourself down or come to a complete stop. Zipfy is the must-have item for anyone who loves to play in the snow.

Unless you live in the GTA/Windsor/Ottawa corridor where today is the last day to get free shipping, you'll have to wait for this package to arrive or pick it up in store.

(Sale ends 24th December, 2011)

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  • VickiD
    Thanks for mentioning this great offer, I recently mentioned to my hubby that I was going to buy this sled if it came on sale, so I was excited to see this - I also used the extra $5 off code. Thank you!! @chilledmama

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