Up to 50% off The Great Toy Sale @ Canadian Tire

Great Toy Sale @ Canadian Tire

I don't normally think of Canadian Tire when I'm shopping for toys, but I might start to change my tune. After all, they just launched The Great Toy Sale, and certain toys, games and sets are up to 50% off!

While there aren't too many toys included in this sale, there are some deals that are better than sale prices you might find elsewhere.

For example, the PAW Patrol Sub Patroller (which usually sells for $49.99 at Canadian Tire and most other stores) is 40% off and down to just $29.99.

One toy we haven't talked about much on this site is the Unicorn Surprise Plush. It looks like they're actually sold out now at Toys R Us Canada (which is where I first spotted them), but they're essentially plush toys that hold a surprise number of babies (three, four or five) inside.

Canadian Tire usually sells them for $39.99 each, but they're $10 off during the sale. They're only available for in-store purchase, so you won't be able to order one online. Still, it's worth checking them out if you're planning a trip to Canadian Tire anytime soon.

Remember, you can order most of these toys online, but you'll need to pick them up in-store.

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