Canadian Freebies: Free Spife! (Send SAE)


Who wants a free spife? Who wants to know what a spife is in the first place!? A spife is a kid-friendly knife for cutting a kiwi in half, and it also doubles as the spoon for the consumption thereof.

This isn't quite a freebie in the true sense of it as you have to send a stamped addressed envelope, but I still think it is worth mentioning as the spife could be useful to some of you mommies and daddies.

How to get a free spife: send a stamped, self-addressed, number 10 letter envelope to:

ZESPRI Spife Offer

126-1857 West 4th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6J 1M4

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  • Elizabeth C.
    Is this offer still valid? I've been looking all over for these..

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