Call Of Duty Black Ops PC Game Only $44.96 @ Direct2Drive


Call of Duty Black Ops is a major game coming out on the 9th of November 2010. Loads of people are looking forward to it, and trying to find the best price. Right now on Direct2drive (a games seller a bit like Steam), they’re offering 25% discount on a load of games. You can pre-order Call of Duty Black Ops for only $44.96!

Click here to order Call of Duty Black Ops @ Direct2Drive

  • Coupon Code: BIGSAVINGS

So you can order the game now, and pre-download it to your computer. Then on the 9th of November, they send you the product key and you can start playing it right away.

I’ve used Direct2drive before to buy and download games, just in case you haven’t heard of them.

Just as a price comparator, this game is $59.99 at Futureshop, $64.99 at Gamestop, $59.99 at

I haven’t played a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 1. Any first person shooters on here?

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