Boston Pizza: 5 Free Kids Meals with $5 Donation

3 October 2012

Boston Pizza has a great deal on right now that will benefit both your family and others.  Donate $5 or more to the Boston Pizza Foundation and you will receive a BP Kids Card worth 5 FREE kids meals.

There are a few reasons I like this deal.  First of all it is a great deal.  Since each kids meal is priced at $6.99, you will basically be getting 5 for less than the price of 1.  You will also be entered to win free Boston Pizza kids meals for a year!

The second reason I like this deal is because the donations will be helping children and families across Canada.  Any charity that allows you to help a child in need is a good one.

The last reason I like this deal is because my family loves to eat at Boston Pizza so I get to take advantage of it!  They have such great food and my kids (who are very picky eaters) love the food as well.  We don't often go out for dinner but if we do it is usually Boston Pizza.

(Expiry: Limited time offer)

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