Blockbuster Canada: Store Close Out Specials 50-70% Off

12 June 2011


With Blockbuster Canada stores set to close by the end of June, they are now offering 50-70% off remaining inventory.

I've read that Blockbuster shopper's weren't that impressed with the first round of clearance sales (30%). Now that the prices have been slashed even further, I would be tempted to check out my store's selection. I'm not one for buying DVDs, with the exception of kid's movies which get watched many, many times over.

The discount is also said to apply non-movie and game items such as candy and toys.

Have any Moosers checked out the store closing deals at Blockbuster? Is it worth the trip?

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  • SA
    I got Brother's Grimm on Blu-ray and Gnomeo & Juliet on DVD for $28.00, which isn't bad :)
  • Literalicious
    The Marlborough court location in Oakville, ON was still only at 30% off today. Regardless, still some good deals for previously viewed DVDs.
    • xpac23
      I don't think that one is closing, the last time I was there which was last week, they just had a sale for 30% off previously viewed dvds. All stores are doing that deal, but the closing stores have everything 30% off.
  • Alice
    I went the other day and it was awesome (south surrey, bc)! Probably about $400 worth of stuff for less than $100. I bought DVDs and a ton of treats! All their food was on sale. Everything was 70% off!!! Even if you don't go to buy movies, go in to buy the candy...great for making loot bags or hostess gifts or popcorn movie baskets for movie lovers. I think most of the candy I bought was around 30-50 cents each. Happy shopping and I hope you all get a great deal!!!
  • Rachel
    I went on Saturday and our closing out store had sold almost 90% of it's stock already. Everything was 70% off!
  • Stephen
    I tried a couple of the locations on the sheet, and they were already closed.

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