Beyond The Rack Canada: Melissa & Doug Blowout

20 June 2013

Beyond The Rack is having a Melissa and Doug blowout, with toys at least 50% off. I checked the prices on Mastermind Toys and these were definitely much better.

I love Melissa and Doug toys, because I feel simpler is much better when it comes to toys. Kids need to do more pretend play, while working on motor skills, in their own way, not some scheduled and forced way. I once bought my niece a simplistic ice cream cone set from Melissa and Doug and my brother asked "what does it do" and I said "it does nothing". My niece of course loved it and did her own play with it. My kids also have that set and they play with it probably every single day.

Some of our other favourites:

Shipping depends on what you buy.

(Expiry: 24th June 2013)

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