50% Off Kids Glasses @ Clearlycontacts.ca


While browsing the glasses on the Clearlycontacts.ca website, I spotted a little image saying that you can get 50% off kids glasses with this coupon code.

Click here to shop kids glasses @ Clearlycontacts.ca

  • Coupon Code: 50FORKIDS
  • Discount: 50% off kids glasses
  • Expires: Unknown

The coupon code applies to the frames only, so it won't apply if you add some expensive lenses to your order. For example, the kids frames are normally $38, and there seem to be 7 styles to choose from. This coupon code knocks the price of the frames down to only $19.

Many Moosers have ordered from Clearlycontacts.ca in the past, and I've only heard good things about them. I like it when a company forges a really good and reliable image - it makes me happy to share their deals. :)


  • Emmy
    aaaargh! I just ordered a pair from them last week for my son (which are awesome, BTW. Can't beath their prices or their service). Oh well, can never have too many glasses when it comes to a 3 year old, thanks!
  • Pat
    Coupon has expired!

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