PureMobile.ca: 25% off All iPhone 5 Accessories + Free Shipping on Orders of $50

The iPhone 5 is the biggest thing to happen to iPhones since the iPhone 4s. People who have their iPhones love them very much and should protect them from the things that want to put cracks and scratches in your prestigious, precious device. Do it for cheaper from PureMobile.

I tease the iPhone people but I'm really being serious about wanting to protect it. .The iPhone, no matter how much you love it, attracts cracks and scratches like no other. If you've owned one, you know this. Maybe not the cracks but certainly the scratches. To make the whole situation just a little bit worse, you can't (easily) remove the back to replace it if it gets scratched. It's also a slippery little bugger that is prone to just popping out of your hand whenever you're standing on concrete.

It's a very expensive phone and you don't want to have to pay another few hundred bucks to have the screen replaced. That's why you need a case. PureMobile has 182 iPhone accessories, many cases among them. They also have docks, earbuds and tons of other accessories you're gonna want to pick up so you can make your iPhone 5 the best it can be! But wait, there's more! BargainMoose loves you SO MUCH that we're giving you this 25% off coupon code!

  • Coupon Code: iphone5
  • Discount: Save 25% on iPhone 5 accessories
  • Expiry: Unknown

BONUS ROUND!! If you spend $50 on iPhone 5 accessories you get free ground delivery. I don't actually know if this is a normal thing or if it's a special offer but it's awesome nonetheless.

(Epires: Unknown)

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